Editing Services

At Razorline Press, we like to keep it simple.  We offer quality editing at an affordable price.

Why us, you may ask?  With over ten years writing experience, several published poems, short stories and books, and a BA in English from Oakland University, we’d like to think we have the expertise to deliver a quality finished product.  Below is a short list of titles we’ve edited:

  • Indian Hill: The Conquest by Mark Tufo
  • Cowboys and Zombies by
  • Zombie Pulp by Tim Curran
  • Waiting Jackals by Ian DG Sandusky
  • War Against the Walking Dead by Sean T Page
  • White Flag of the Dead, Book III by Joseph Talluto

Not sure?  Try us.  We’ll edit your story up to 500 words for free.  Just go to ‘Contact Us’ link to get in touch.  And remember, we’ll never do anything with your story other than give it back to you.  And we’ll only edit the words YOU have written.  We’ll never take your voice out of your story.


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