The Finale of Season Six of The Walking Dead was TERRIBLE!

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So there you have it. The finale is all wrapped up and somebody is dead. I don’t have to give a spoiler warning except to say that there is no spoiler! That’s right. The finale left us how it found us. Someone just got bludgeoned to death after a long and enduring speech by Negan.Negan

It isn’t a spoiler since we all knew for at least several episodes back that somebody was going to die, probably core (Rick, Carl, Carol, Darryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne–Abraham, Eugene, and Sascha are not core). This was 90 minutes of wait-and-see only to be closed out by zilch.

It’s not just the lack of resolution by the end of the finale, but what’s going to come after while we’re waiting for the new season. finale
How many memes are we going to see that will speculate and condemn what we just got through not seeing? And this has been an awesome season, one of the best. This finale is like baking a cake with the finest ingredients and topping it with sawdust.

Get ready for polls. A lot of polls. For the next few days and again in the coming weeks before the start of the new season. Who do you think it was? The sad part is they producers may not even know. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide by gauging fan reaction to each person who was down on his and her knees. finale

Essentially, this finale was a cop-out. Rather than making the hard decision themselves and showing us, they’ve bought themselves more time and can actually change their minds all while we toil away over who it was. I sat through three seconds of black screen and the credits before I realized the answer was nobody. Nobody died in the finale. We didn’t see it, therefore it cannot be real.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely on the hook for the season 7 premiere. But I already was. This is the first time the show has disappointed me, though. I’m sure we’ll be subjected to all the horror, mischief, and surviving-by-the-skin-of-their-teeth action that we’ve come to know and love. But how this finale was handled was a big step in a wrong direction.

Glenn is the one who died. I still believe it, but I found an article that gives some compelling evidence why it might be a few other people.

Well, Fear the Walking Dead starts soon. If you haven’t had your fill of zombies, like me, you’ll be there next Sunday at 9:00. And check out my books on Amazon while you’re tooling around on the internets.


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