O, Carol, Where Art Thou?

Walking Dead CarolTonight’s episode deals with a very important problem: people leaving Alexandria. Darryl does it because he wants to get revenge against Dwight and Carol does it for reasons I’m still not entirely sure of. By now everyone knows that people know where they are and that they want to get in which makes even less sense that people would leave unnecessarily.

But in the spirit of realism, people do do things that are against their own best interests. At this point, we can all sense the choke point coming. The event is almost here. There’s plenty of theories out there, but with the preview to the 90 minute season finale, we get a glance of Negan and Lucille. With certain people being captured who the eventual victim will be has been narrowed down. My guy is still in the running.

I have a minor theory, though. I think the showrunners have floated the theory that it will be Darryl themselves. Even if it actually winds up being him (which it won’t), I think they redirected the conversation that was established by the comic book.carol

What better way to create a little misdirection and ratchet up the tension by having the audience try to figure out which inner-circle character is going to be the next to die?

But back to Carol. At this point, we don’t know if she’s alive or dead. We hear the gunshot just after Hiro rises with the knife to stab her. Did she hesitate? Did she miss? Unless I’m mistaken, Hiro was not amongst the dead on the road. Was she injured and crawled off somewhere to die?

I doubt it. She’s too rich a character to waste with an offscreen death from a one-off character. If and when the character does die, it’ll be in a sea of walkers or her death will be poignant somehow. Like Glenn being beaten to death by Negan. As of right now, Carol is in the wind and no one will find her until she’s ready to come out of her hidey-hole.

I haven’t worked out the Maggie bit yet that happened near the end of the episode. Maybe it’s a sign that happiness is coming to an end. Here’s another theory about a completely different character who may be on the chopping block next week on Forbes.com.

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