I Got There! #nanowrimo #amwriting


Read my last post about writing goals and tracking progress.

If the above picture is too blurry to read, I’ve done it. I’ve finally pushed through and nailed my goal. Through a try-try again attitude and actually actively seeking out the time, I’ve managed to hit 2,501 words in a day!

That’s the true point of spreadsheeting your writing progress (and there are plenty resources you can utilize to help do that) is to make yourself accountable to your current WIP and bring you back more often. If you know you have a looming word count dangling over your head you’re more likely to write and write for longer periods of time.

You certainly don’t have to use my method, the NaNoWriMo site helps track writing progress and maybe your local library participates in the month-long event like mine does and offers prizes when you hit certain milestones.

The point is, however you get there, get there. And don’t stop going.

Please check out a few of my books before you go, including the first installment of The Zombie Archives!


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