Going Low-Tech #amwriting #nanowrimo #writing

I think I may have found the trick. I’ve talked about it in prior posts but the thing in the picture above is a word processor. I stopped using it after I discovered I could use Google Drive on my phone which lets me write virtually anywhere but I had an all-too familiar problem rear its ugly head.

My iPhone has apps. Apps are fun.

While writing is immensely enjoyable it’s not mindless and requires a good deal of consideration to do well while if I suck at Scramble with Friends nobody cares except my wife who kills me on a regular basis.

So I’ll revise my initial statement on ‘evolving’ from my Neo to a smart phone. Sure, I can’t lug this everywhere I go even at about three pounds. But I can’t continue to write on a computer or my iPhone because it’s too easy to just check my Facebook account.

I’m going to adopt a hybrid approach to writing from here on, using a computer or my smart phone when I’m away from home and my Neo when I sit down to write in bed or at the table.

I can’t check my email or respond to FB posts or tweet with it and that’s exactly what I need right now.

And don’t forget, this Thursday I’ll be putting on a self-publishing workshop.  If you’re in the Troy, MI area stop by!

And while you’re here, why not download an eBook?

PS- I wrote 1421 words yesterday thanks to my Neo.


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