The Non-Believers, Pt IX #free #bookboost #iartg

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He growled, but Daddy growled louder, seizing him by the throat and wrenching him out and shaking him like a ragdoll. The boy creature seemed to have some understanding that it was being overpowered, panic wide in its eyes as it flailed feebly at her father’s arms.

“Oh, Bradley, yes!” Cindy said, pulling her shirt down and exposing her meager cleavage to the monster poking its head out (but taking care not to get too close). Daddy tossed away the one in his grasp like an empty beer can and seized the one she was relatively certain was Gregory and began pounding the top of his head with the bottom of his fist. Gregory’s eyes burst out of his head by the third or fourth blow and he slumped back inside to be replaced by two more boy monsters.

Daddy took those two on just as easily, but Cindy saw the growing problem. As crazed with superhuman strength as her father was, this couldn’t last. He was frothing at the mouth, gouging eyes, smashing heads together, tearing out throats (it gave her an odd feeling of flattery that Daddy had gone into an autopilot rage all for her virtue), but her room was overrun with them with more crowding in.

One grabbed her father by the arm and he spun his hand around, grabbing it by the elbow before neatly tearing its arm out of the socket by the shoulder. It looked down at itself in shock and was clubbed repeatedly with its own clawed fist.

“Oh! The beer is here!” Cindy said excitedly, pointing to a vehicle driving slowly down the street.

“What?” Daddy said, turning on her. His face was a mask of fury, slathered in green muck. He had gruel up to his elbows and half looked like one of those monsters. “What have I told you about the evils of alcohol.” His eyes rolled to the vehicle on the street. He quickly turned to the window, shoving back two figures by their heads before slamming the window shut on the fingers of a third.

“I will deal with you when I return,” he said, wagging a finger at the creatures in Cindy’s bedroom. Daddy turned and dived off the roof, tucking and rolling when he landed on the ground, barely making an impression on the lawn. He sprinted after the car.

“Cin, what the hell?” Matt said. She’d almost forgotten her friend was there.

“C’mon,” she said, holding a hand out. “We have to catch him.”

“I don’t know.” Matt shook his head, but took her hand.

They climbed over the lip of the roof and onto the trellis. Cindy was sure and steady with her hand and footholds, checking left and right until she got to the bottom. When she got to the ground she checked around; everything seemed clear.

Matt wasn’t as surefooted, though. He’d seemingly gotten stuck about a quarter of the way down and was shaking terribly.

“C-Cin, I’m scared,” he said.

“Matt, just climb down,” she whispered loudly. “It’s not that far.”

“I know but–”

That was all he got out before he began screaming. A hand slipped into his long, curly hair and yanked him roughly upward. Cindy leapt for his feet, managing to sheer a fingernail off. She swore and plucked the digit into her mouth as Matt vanished over the edge of the roof, his screams going from loud to heavy metal concert.

Make sure to come back next Monday for the last installment! In the meantime, why not download a copy of Anything but Zombies?


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