I Had this Really Good Idea for My Next Book, but…

Okay, so I’m about to start on my next novel (I’m putting The Roof on the backburner for the time being). I typically have about 6 ideas I really want to write at any given time and I have a quasi-Thunder Dome type battle in my head to whittle it down to the one I actually start. One of the frontrunners was something I was going to call Imaginary Enemy, about a guy whose imaginary friend gets upset by something he does and then begins the process to upend his entire life, but I realized there was a huge problem with that story line.

It’s Fight ClubI mean, that’s pretty much the storyline of Fight Club.

Sure, I could probably write the book still and have it be significantly different from Chuck Pahlaniuk’s 1997 novel, but I think the premises are so similar I’d be constantly aware of his book and it would be like I was looking over my shoulder the entire time I wrote it.

It’s not like with my novella, Fleshbags, which is a zombie novel and there are exactly one billion, two hundred forty-two million, seven zombie stories that came before it (trust me, I counted). It’s a zombie story, but I felt my premise was different enough from at least anything else that I had read that I was comfortable with putting the story to paper without feeling like I was ripping somebody off.

 So now I have to go back to the idea bank. I actually have something I’ve begun to work on which requires a degree of research I had not done before and I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping to have a draft in the next few months to submit to an agent (I want to land a deal with a major publisher).


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