Anything but Zombies! #PDF1 #SNRTG #IARTG @AtriaBooks

Want to see a book get a lot more attention? Upload the cover. I’d been keeping the cover to the upcoming anthology, Anything but Zombies, under wraps until I got the official go ahead to share it when I perchanced to see it already on Amazon a few days ago. All of a sudden, my site has gotten a lot more views and pre-orders have skyrocketed. With the release a little more than a month away, I’m churning with excitement at the prospect of a lot of people having a copy.

It’s hard to believe I announced this book was coming out way back in September. Time really flies. Pre-order your copy of Anything but Zombies right now! You can also download a copy of my first YA novel, Vamp-Hire, out now from Permuted Press.


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