This is What It Looks Like #razorlinepress

So I got the temp cast off this past Monday (which is kind of odd; aren’t all casts temporary?) and I have to say, it didn’t look as gory as I expected. The nurse didn’t faint, I didn’t let out a high-pitched squeal and the doctor didn’t cackle madly as lightning flashed in a window behind him. That’s not to say it isn’t gross at all, it just doesn’t gross me out.

I took pictures, though. I would have gotten more, but these guys get you in and out fast. I’ll start with the pics of the casting.

Cast 1


For those of you who have broken a bone, you already know the deal. That white stuff is like really sticky, really soft toilet paper. It tears easily and yes, if you had enough of it, you could be a really cool mummy for Halloween for all of five minutes. It would more than likely snag on anything you came near and leave you undressed for the party.

Cast 2

That black stuff was originally in a roll. After the nurse dunked it in some water she began quickly wrapping my hand, snipping it (the material, not my hand) here and there to wind tightly around my thumb, under to the edge of the medical toilet paper (at some point she rolled that up and down so the edges weren’t ragged like you see above) until everything was covered to her satisfaction. Midway through I began to feel heat in my hand and asked her about it once I realized it wasn’t my imagination. The actual cast is made of a fiber-glass type material that has a chemical in it that heats up to promote drying. A minute or two after she was done, the cast was solid and she said it would take twenty-four hours to cure.

Cast 3 Cast 4


What I wound up with is lightweight and solid. And despite movies like Terminator 2 where the woman with her arm in a cast hits Arnold across the face with her cast, smashing his sunglasses, that would absolutely hurt. I mean hurt me. I’ve already lightly hit it at the wrong angle and been in agony, so I won’t be beating any cyborgs over the head with it.

Now, what you really came to see. The gore. Well, not the gore, but the metal shards jabbed haphazardly into my hand. Okay, I’m exaggerating, I’m an author–sue me. But before that, a small commercial or two.



Mankind has won the Vampire Conflict. But the cost of victory is that a few humans have been turned into vamps–half human, half vampire. Prejudice against the vamps is high so finding work is near impossible. Plus, the slightest infraction could send any one of them back to the Pens, a place that’s as awful as any place on Earth.

Nick is a loner who walks a narrow line between legal and illegal to make ends meet. He begrudgingly shares his home with a woman and her young child and finds work doing odd jobs suited only to vamps. When a chance encounter seems like it could lead into real work, Nick discovers he’s in more danger than ever. The military is trying to kidnap him, and something old and hungry has begun to roam the streets preying on his kind. To fight this ancient evil, he has to reach out to his own kind for help–and decide how human he is after all.

Anything but Zombies

Coming soon from Atria Books, a Simon & Schuster imprint. I edited that.

And now what you came to see; the gore.

 Pins 3

Pins 1

And here’s a closer angle. I don’t know why my thumb looks so huge.

Pins 2

And here’s an extreme close-up. No, that’s not a hole, it’s a sore. I left it because they left it.

Pins 4

I should have the cast on for three weeks and then I’ll get another checkup and they’ll put a new cast on (maybe next time I’ll choose purple or neon green).

Now that The Walking Dead is over, why not try a different kind of monster? Where the Monsters Are, only $0.99.


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