Are You Nice to Your Characters? #iartg #BookBoost #PDF1

One of the most recent reviewers of Vamp-Hire wrote something to me that got me thinking. “Poor nick,” she wrote, “you are pretty mean to him.” As it had been about six months since I’d read the whole story, I was kind of surprised. Was I? My intention was to write an every-man story set in a post-apocalyptic world. Of course something bad had to happen so he had something to struggle against and (hopefully) overcome. It never crossed my mind that I wasn’t being nice. But then again, I began to think, wasn’t that part of the point of the story?

Life definitely kicks Nick in the balls and he goes through some tough times and experiences a half vampire’s version of racism (specism? hemophagism? Ah, my brain isn’t going to let this go until I think of a proper-sounding word). I guess I have been mean to him and I was just late to the game so far as seeing that. If I ever get around to writing a sequel, I’m certain to be nasty to him some more.

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