Review of @AnneRiceAuthor ‘s #PrinceLestat #amreading

Prince Lestat


I just finished listening to the audiobook of Prince Lestat and the story was like putting on an old pair of comfortable jeans. I read the first book in The Vampire Chronicles back in high school in the mid-nineties and the next three books shortly thereafter (somewhere in there, I also read Ramses the Damned which would make an excellent movie as well).

The Good

The writing is as good as any other book in the series that I’ve read (I confess, I missed the last six installments). Lestat is just as elusive in character as he is in location as vampires begin collecting as a voice begins awakening ancients and compelling them to kill young vampires.

The Bad

I’m not sure there is anything bad, per se, but something that bothers me and in hindsight, has bothered me about the series. Human beings are essentially cattle. I mean, I know that is the attitude of some (or a lot) of the vampires throughout the series, but we are really never a threat at all and there is no sort of fight against these predators. Ricedoes mention a few times how a vampire is captured, but it escapes and destroys it captors or other vampires break it out. Human beings never rally to say, “Enough snacking on necks, let’s get our pitchforks and tell theses vampers whatfor.” She does explain that humans still don’t believe they exist, but there’s one small problem with that. The Talamasca know they exist and all of them are human (unless you count David Talbot as being a member). But through the thousands of years they’ve been documenting the living dead nobody ever said, “Hey, let me put down this notepad and pick up a stake and torch?”

And How Did I Feel About That…

I still loved the book, but the conflict was a little less in the arena of grand climax and resolution. I never felt like the main characters were in that much danger. Even the ones who died didn’t really have death scenes that seized me and had me on edge. It was more of a ‘This is about to happen/this just happened’ kind of thing. That sounds a lot more ho-hum than it’s meant to be. I’m still jealous of Anne Rice as an author and wish I had a scintilla of her writing ability and hope to one day be able to look back on a career as an author as long as she’s had. I just would have liked to have felt a greater sense of danger throughout the book and maybe that would have been had Lestat been under threat.

Upon checking Rice’s Wikipedia Page for The Vampire Chronicles, it appears as though Prince Lestat is only the first in a new series. A sure fire way to know I liked a book is if I read its sequel and Blood Paradise is definitely on my list.

Hey, I wrote a book about vampires too! Well, kinda. Download a copy of Vamp-Hire and check it out. Only $5.99!


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