Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

I got this book back way back in 1984 for Christmas. It was one of the very first non-school related books I ever received. My brother got a different book by the same publisher, but he wasn’t as big a reader as me (nerd). I loved reading the stories and re-read the one by Poe several times about the dying girl who predicted she would return as an animal, then a half-naked African boy.

I would often read this book in class rather than pay attention to whatever the teacher was saying. One day in 7th grade, I left my book beneath my desk after Mr. Greg’s class and realized I’d forgotten it several hours later. I rushed back to his class and checked beneath the desk to find it gone. I never got my book back, but I never forgot it, either. Over the next few months, I checked the shelves of all my local book stores. B. Dalton, Waldonbooks (they were owned by Barnes and Noble and Borders, but the bigger book stores hadn’t made it to southeast Michigan even though Borders was headquartered out of Ann Arbor) didn’t have a copy and with a general title like Ghost Stories nobody could locate it.

After some industrious searching, I finally found my book and ordered it. I can’t wait for this gem to arrive in the mail. Maybe I’ll read it to my daughter for bedtime.

You can grab a copy of Ghost Stories for as little as $0.01. And don’t forget about Vamp Hire, coming February 24 from Permuted Press!


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