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Lamb of God


I reviewed an advanced reader copy of this novel from the author (whom I know personally). This is his second novel (which he collaborated with Wyatt Adams). To read my review of Frayed, go here.

The Good

The story immediately sucks you in. Mitchell Wallace is on the verge of killing himself when he sees a distressed lamb stuck in traffic. After he saves the poor beast he gets hit by a car. Things go downhill from there. A conflict of biblical proportions ensues in which the characters of the people around him are revealed (and exploited). From Mitch’s roommate who has a secret crush on him to his sister who turns into the mayor of Sluttown–even the lamb himself. Oh, he talks by the way. And drives a car.

The laughs come pretty regularly, which is an especially good thing. I don’t think a novel with a talking animal could take itself seriously and succeed. Or at least, I don’t see how this could have been written seriously. The tone is completely different from Harrington’s last, showing his breadth of mastery (unless all the funny came from Adams, in which case, scratch the credit I just gave Harrington).

The Bad

Something… happens about three-quarters into the novel. I don’t want to hint at it, but I’m not certain if it contradicts stuff or if my ADD was kicking in and I missed the clues. Regardless, I settled in with this new information like sitting in a cold chair. Give me a little bit and I was comfortable again.

And How Did I Feel About That…

This is Harrington’s second novel and Adams’ first. Not only do they collaborate well together, but they’re a modern-day Lincoln and Child. Okay, I can’t really back that up, I’ve never read those guys. But I hear they’re good and Harrington and Adams are good too. Just say their names together like that. It really rolls off the tongue. Cagney and Lacey, Turner and Hooch, Buzz and Woody–Harrington and Adams. They go together like Derek and the Domino’s “Layla” and the main theme from Goodfellas.

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