Now that I’m Done…

So the principal edits have been completed on Anything but ZombiesSimon & Schuster has their own copy editors and proofreaders so I’m expecting to see some corrections in the near future, but I can comfortably say I’m done. Now I’m in the enviable position of being done with a major project and having any direction to go in and no direction particularly in mind, all those ideas that swam into my head that I had to keep pushing aside can be properly considered. I probably should go back to editing Axe to the Face. I love the story and want to see it out there, but it’s pretty much been on ice for like a year (I remember walking the dog in the summer last year and dictating at the same time). I’d say I have no fewer than five ideas I’d like to write right now.

I’m not considering writing a sequel to Vamp-Hire until I see how the first one performs when it’s published in February. I do have an idea where I’d like that story to go, but I’m loathe to put anything down on paper for fear of feeling like I’m locking anything in.

Do I write the sequel to Fleshbags? Or work on that idea for a follow-up to The Prophet? I love both stories, but I think those need to marinate a while too. I sat down with my notebook and jotted down some ideas for two possible stories that have been stirring through my mind the last few months. There’s every likelihood it’ll be one of those two, but I also have an idea to reboot my Returned series as a three-novel trilogy. I might even revisit my blog series DethM8.

I’m not going to announce what I’m doing until I’m past the point of no-return with it. Again, I don’t want to feel like I’m locked in without truly being locked in. But the up side is I’ll be around to blog more. At least for now.


Hey, why not check out a book or two while you are here? If you’re looking for something other than a zombie, might I suggest Where the Monsters Are?

And come back tomorrow for my review of Tony Harrington and Wyatt Adams’ Lamb of God.


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