#TheWalkingDead: Tree Symbols Morgan Saw Will Soon be Explained

Okay, I saw the premier episode of season 5, but I completely missed this in the end credits. So I’m going to have to defer to another site instead of posting my own comments. This is provided, courtesy of Wetpaint.com

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) saw funky marks on a tree in the extra scene after the credits on The Walking DeadSeason 5 premiere. The marks were located just behind the Terminus sign that had been adapted by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) to read “NO Sanctuary.”

Here’s something you may not have known, though: AMC posted a rundown of the first episode, and they noted a big time jump for this particular scene:

“Months after Rick’s escape from Terminus, a masked stranger marches down the railroad tracks. He stops to see the Terminus sign Rick modified, and hangs his head. He removes his mask. It’s Morgan.”

To see the end credits clip, click here.

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