Review of Bad@ss Zombie Roadtrip by @ToniaBrown1

Just finished this book and I loved it. Tonia Brown is now on my must read list and I will begin the very slow process of devouring her books. I purchased this after reading a 5-star review by a reviewer I respect and downloaded this immediately. At $2.99 for almost 300 pages, I have to say Badass Zombie Road Trip is a steal.

Jonah has seven days to find his best friend’s soul, or lose his own, dragging a zombie across the country with a stripper who has an agenda of her own, while being pursued for a crime he didn’t commit… and dealing with Satan.

The Good

The writing is fantastic. I’m surprised that Brown could write male characters so convincingly. The laughs are genuine and don’t come off as ‘trying’ at any point. Jonah comes off as an everyman loser type who’s just so far beneath the task at hand you wonder how the guy crawls out of bed. Dale is a jerk. There is no reason to believe these two would ever be friends and yet the relationship between them comes off as totally legitimate.

The Bad

If I have to complain about something, I’d say editing. It could use a little tweaking, but honestly that’s not a real complaint because it in no way interrupts the story.

And How Did I Feel About That…

I’m new to Tonia Brown and I can honestly say I love her work. It’d be a goal of mine to work with her someday. As I came to the end of this book I realized what struck me as familiar: it reminds me of that show Reaper. Remember, about the two guys who worked in the big box store who reclaimed the souls that escaped from hell? I could easily see this book being adapted into a screenplay and the awesome Ray Wise returning as the Devil. If you love horror, comedy, and horror-comedy in any combination you should pick this book up.

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