Big Break for a Creative Writer #craigslist #scam #alert #rzp

I found another ‘opportunity’ on Craig’s List for writers that should definitely be avoided. At first blush, this might seem like an opportunity, but the more you read it, the worse it looks. Please read for yourself and I will comment after.

Let us give you your big writing break. We are looking for writers and stories to be featured on our website…the #1 site for authors. You will have the opportunity to be read by thousands of readers, agents and agencies, and even publishers. Our site gives writers on all levels the attention we feel they deserve. We will promote you and your story with everything that we have, and will help you show the world what a great writers you are. There is no monetary compensation, only promotion of your work. Sorry! Many of our writers have been published by publishing houses.

If you feel your short story, novel, collection of poems, graphic novel(Yep!), etc. is a great piece of work that hasn’t been given the proper audience, then please submit it in your reply. Serious replies only! We won’t answer any questions that don’t include a submission, and no we don’t steal stories! If you have a story of any type, please don’t hesitate to submit it. All submissions will receive replies.

First off, who are these guys? Any legitimate company or website should be trying to draw you in by their reputation. But the big warning flag is the usual; when guys tell you how they will do you this HUGE favor but offer absolutely no monetary compensation, your antenna should go up. But there’s more here that should be making you suspicious.

‘You will have the opportunity to be read by thousands of readers, agents and agencies, and even publishers’. Even if you didn’t pick apart the semantical use of the word ‘opportunity’, they make no effort to clue you in on exactly how they have the ability to reach these three groups (I count agents and agencies as the same thing). They’re even so bold as to say they won’t answer any question that doesn’t include a submission, but how else would someone who has no idea who these people are and how they will do what they claim? For all any of us know, this is some 13 year old in his parents’ basement. Even if this were a real opportunity, writing that is very poor customer service and does nothing to instill confidence to your potential submitters that you will respond to them when they have questions. And noting that they don’t steal stories doesn’t wipe away doubt, if anything, it calls to mind something that some people may not have thought of. That’s like someone pulling a gun on you and saying, “I’m not gonna rape you.”

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