#review of @joelansdale ‘s The Thicket #amreading #rzp

The Thicket

I listened to this on audio and this story wasted no time getting to it. A teenaged boy seeks to retrieve his younger sister after his grandfather is murdered. I’d been wanting to read a Lansdale book for a while after reading one of his short stories a year ago and The Thicket just leapt out at me.

The Good

The writing is awesome. Every character is rich with his own history and you feel like you’re behind each characters’ eyes. I only knew Lansdale as a horror author, but he is extremely adept at a period piece thriller (I guess that’s what you’d call it). And there are several parts that are laugh-out-loud funny. Like Shorty describing the man who came into his story who kept threatening to dress him up in doll’s clothes.

The Bad

Nothing. Honestly, I loved every bit of this story. If anything, I’d like to see another story with some of these characters.

And How Did I Feel About That…

I’m a new Joe R Lansdale fan. Now I’m going to find as much of his stuff as I can and begin reading. Michael C Hall stars in the movie adaptation of his novel Cold In July. I’m going to pick that one up as soon as it comes available.

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One thought on “#review of @joelansdale ‘s The Thicket #amreading #rzp”

  1. My first Lansdale novel as well. I picked it up because I live in Houston (near The Big Thicket) and I love to read stuff that feature places I’ve been. Turns out it’s a great book as well.

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