Editing Axe to the Face #rzp #iartg #bookplugs

For some strange reason, editing Axe to the Face is a lot tougher than Vamp-Hire was. At only 31,000-something words, it’s less than half the length of my second novel, but it feels like it’s taking me twice as long to comb through it. And the really odd thing is, I’d already done a lot of editing before I began writing Vamp-Hire.

Maybe the YA novel was a lot more straightforward for me. Maybe I might be reaching for too many themes in so short a story. I can’t be sure. It’s probably just my imagination. I think I finished VH in mid-march and I’d finished the working draft sometime in February. I can’t remember when I picked up with AttF. I am up to page 14, though, and the novella is only 49 pages in Word. Maybe I can get done with it in two weeks.

Why not join the Axe to the Face fan page? I’ll be announcing all giveaway information there.


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