Petite Morte #iartg #buyindie #poetry

I found an old folder full of stuff, including a bunch of poems I wrote back in college. I’ll comb through it diligently to find some more good stuff. I think this was my first zombie poem. For more zombie stuff, please check out the several zombie stories in my book list.

My poor broken angel, buried in the yard

Eternity to tend the lush greens,

purples and reds of your garden.

A twin engine of lust half-winged


My over-brimming passions drowned you out.                                    5

Two fingers to your soft bruised throat

Confirmed the look in your tender eye.

That accusing stare that becried your crumbled heart


When only a moment before, I swear

Was filled with your undying lovingkindness.                         10

Yea, the day is forever long that you left behind,

And all the darker the rest thereafter;


Choked I am from your presence.

Oh woe! for your beauty is consigned for alway to the scavenger beast

Of microscopic size that picks                                                 15

And chooses and chews and—


What is it?

That unfamiliar scratch on the door,

From a stranger hand.

A monster’s sight behind thine knowing eyes!                         20


Oh, beloved creature,

Take mercy upon me

Where I was excess

Leave me unmolested


For more than filth                                                                   25

And slime separate us.

The very walls of life and

Death are our barrier.


Leave not your stiff kisses

Upon my lips, O raised horror                                                 30

Nor your degenerate stain upon my door

Grant me not the sounds


Of dirty utterances

No, I say!  Speak not!

But instead I hear your soul-terrorizing answer                                    35

As you reach for me ‘most tenderly,


“I didn’t,” you say on,

“I didn’t.”




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