Looking for someone with knowledge of writing an autobiography. Also involved in hardcore punk band SBLC. Wanna write a tell all book of all the craziness,mishaps….and how the hell am I still alive. I think it would be a inspirational book. From a crazy upbringing..to punk rock underground band SBLC and the infamous (brightmoor punks) to getting run over, stabbed , shot…drug addiction..living in cars…to meeting my wife..growing up..being a father..to a wonderful like. Damn I really need help writing this….Please help out…looking for passionate people. Not just some stiff that needs money. I can’t pay much…if any. ..but you will be paid back dearly once its published. Anyone left in this world with passion for writing?….thank you!


Now I can certainly appreciate a hard luck story, but my same argument applies: don’t underwrite someone else’s dreams. This poster would pawn you off as ‘some stiff that needs money’ but why else would you let him leverage your valuable time, else you were going to get paid for it? I don’t know, maybe you do have a thing for homeless, drug-addicted punk rockers, but the majority of anyone interested and qualified to do this work want to get actual money rather than a promise of dear payments once the book is published.

I suppose this person who can’t pay much must have a killer marketing plan and copies will be flying off the shelves, right? Or is the material so crucial that millions will have no choice but to purchase? Don’t help out. People like this need to know our services as writers have actual, quantifiable value and we devalue ourselves by assisting. I don’t mean to come off as angry–really, I’m not–but by one writer lowering his value, we all have our prices cut.

I’m sure this person means well, but I mean well when I walk into a McDonald’s with a hungry belly and no money. I can’t get that #10 combo no matter how interesting my story is.

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