#TheWalkingDead Season #Finale Predictions #amc

The following is a list of people who will die:

  1.        Maggie
  2.        Sasha
  3.        At least 2 guys in Darryl’s group
  4.        Some guy you see in the background once


Now what’s going to actually happen? After the events following the group’s hasty exit from the prison, surprisingly few people died. For a show that has no compunctions about killing main characters, there’s been too much build-up for all these main characters to make it. Combo that with the fact that Terminus looks quiet (one might say almost too quiet) that can only be foreshadowing that something grizzly is going to happen.

For starters, how does everyone just walk in unchallenged? When there are legions of walking corpses eager to rend the flesh of living people’s bones, it makes no sense that there aren’t any sentries. And that woman who greeted them seemed to have no worries that no one was there with ill intent.

I believe there were people in the buildings watching their every move and if anyone had done anything untoward they would have been summarily dispatched. That’s why I think Darryl’s new group is going to take heavy casualties.

I think this is going to be some sort of commune where people have to pay for continued protection. After a relatively small skirmish, everyone will be put properly in line and put to work.

One question, though. Why isn’t everyone shaking that scientist guy until he tells them what caused the outbreak? I mean, if he knows, wouldn’t you want to know immediately?

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