The Lost Father

I know it sounds like the awesome title of some new thriller (and who knows, it may yet be), but this is a song I found by chance. My wife and I go to sleep to a Music Choice channel that plays soothing music. As I was laying down Wednesday night this came on and it just grabbed me. I leapt out of bed, put my glasses back on and read the title of the song and the composer.

Listen to Kevin Keller’s The Lost Father.

Did you hear that? Haunting, isn’t it? That is going to inspire me to write something. I looked him up on Amazon and I think I’m going to buy the Nocturnes CD and check out his other stuff.

And you know what reads really well with a nice Kevin Keller CD? Smells Like and Where the Monsters Are. Only $0.99!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Father”

    1. Are you kidding me? I never would have thought I was into your kind of music but it’s awesome! I’ve listened to The Lost Father at least a dozen times in your site and I just heard Searching the other night and loved that one too. I don’t buy CDs that much anymore, but I may have to get one of yours. It really helps grease the writing skids.

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