A Gigantic Ripoff #scam #alert

I just spotted this one on Craig’s List. It seemed all right, right up until the point where they said they charge money.  Read on:

 Authors Needed (Houston)

compensation: yes
We are a small book publishing firm in Texas that has co-published 10 books and currently we are looking for more titles to publish in Barnes & Noble and Sears. We are looking for authors that have work that they are wanting to publish in a matter of weeks. We are open to all genres of work as well as length. We do NOT charge to review your work or decide if we would publish it. But, we do charge a small monthly fee of $40 per month after the book is in retailers. If you’re interested and would like to learn more or visits us at our office, send us an email and we can talk more and set up a visit. Thank you

Aside from the $40/month fee, I’m not entirely certain how they select titles to publish. No charge to review is always a good sign, but why are they in such a hurry to publish? Every publisher I work with has several months between when I submit a final draft to when they actually publish. It’s odd. And it’s a little confusing when they say they don’t decide if they would publish it. I suspect that’s a wording issue.

On second thought, this may not be a scam. But unless you know you are going to have high-volume sales (which is virtually impossible) and have no means of getting your book on shelves at Barnes and Noble or Sears (B&N actually has a way you can get your book on their shelves if you’re an indie publisher). This publisher needs to provide a lot more detail to show how it would be worth your while to pay them $40 a month. Starting with how they are going to make you at least $120 a month.


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