My Work in Progress #iartg

I’ve been very shrouded about this even if you’ve seen my tweets lately you’ve seen me talk some about it, but I haven’t revealed yet what it is I’m writing or what it’s called. I’ll tell you this much (and I’m not sure if I’ve blogged this before): it’s a YA novel.

Back in my day, YA consisted of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and stuff like that. I was never interested in reading those kinds of books. They could have been excellent, but they always looked boring. And considering my mother started me off reading by giving me a copy of Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon, I felt like that would have been taking a backward step. And also, nobody was doing YA horror of any kind, it was all mystery so far as I saw. I do enjoy the mystery/thriller genre, particularly Tony Harrington’s Frayed and all the Conrad Voort books by Ethan Black, but at the time those guys weren’t around.

I will be revealing all that vital information soon. I just need to put finishing touches on a final draft and send it off to the editor first.


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