@Joe_Hill Interview #horror

No, I didn’t interview him, but I stumbled across one he did about his new book NOS4A2. I’m almost done listening to it on Audible and it is excellent. Kate Mulgrew took a little getting used to, but now I’m digging her voice as well (it kind of has a mommy-authoritarian going on).

Darkness suits Joe Hill, but he does his best to avoid the long shadow of his father, Stephen King. Born Joseph Hillstrom King, the 40-year-old author uses a pen name to ensure that he’s read based on literary merit, not genealogy. From his 2007 debut novel Heart-Shaped Box to his Locke & Key comics, he’s carved out his own brand of chilling (and heartwarming) storytelling. In his new novel, NOS4A2, Hill’s exploration of vampirism is proof that he’s a king of the macabre in his own right.

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One thought on “@Joe_Hill Interview #horror”

  1. I haven’t read “NOS4A2″ yet. I *am* about two thirds of the way through “Heart-Shaped Box,” though. Have you read it? It’s not bad. It’s a little rough around the edges, but man, I really like the idea of Jude being used by Craddock as a tool in his own attempted murder, and I really enjoyed the stop-motion action and the scribbled out eyes.

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