Writers Needed for Short Ebook Writing (anywhere) #scam

I stumbled over another one of these scams on Craig’s List. Here’s another example of someone trying to make money off you without you really getting paid. I’m not saying you can’t find a legit publisher on Craig’s List, but one that wants to pay you $100, at most isn’t one of them. Now I’m not necessarily against getting paid as a ghost writer (which is what this comes off as), but if you’re going to take a flat-fee as payment for up to 40 pages of writing, $100 is nothing but a rip-off. If they really meant business, they would cut writers in for a percentage (10% is fair for new or unproven authors, 25% at least for authors who are established).

And I’ve made no changes whatsoever to the posting as it appeared on CL’s site. Why don’t they put the name of the company in here? Is there a reason this is kept secret? Again, not that that locks this in as a scam, but it certainly is indicative along with the fact there are no terms put forth outside of the meager stipend they offer.

We are looking for writers that can write structured, well organized content in an ebook format. We are looking for different subjects. 

Some sample categories:
– Weight Loss
– Stress
– Health
– Psychology
– FictionWe need books in all categories, so please email us with your areas of expertise. You will be provided with reference material to use as inspiration which you can then rewrite in an original way.The ebooks should be about 30-40 pages long. Pay is $50-$100 per book depending on the subject. If your work is satisfactory there is more work available immediately.Please email me with:
– the subjects you would be qualified to write
– Sample(s) of your work
– Your estimated delivery of such an ebook

***MUST INCLUDE SAMPLES OF YOUR WORK.. Otherwise your message will be ignored

  • Location: anywhere
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  • Compensation: yes
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