What’s Going On? #amwriting

So I’m about 36,000 words on my current WIP. I can’t really go into detail on this one yet. Still a lot of things up in the air (more on that later). Let’s just say this is potentially really good news.

But I’m also thinking about future projects. There’s another author I’m planning to work with, we’ve already agreed in principal and have a really cool idea. I’ve written a few thousand words already and read a scene of his that is equally awesome. This tale is going to be the ultimate in one-upmanship (I’m not sure how to spell that).

I found an old poem I wrote while I was still at Oakland University. I read it and man, I was pretty good. I may type it up tomorrow and post it.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for more of my stuff, why not pick up a book or two?


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