Setting Writing Goals and Keeping Them

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Like many other authors last month, I accepted the NaNoWriMo challenge last month. And like many of those authors, I fell way short of my goal. Part of the problem was not seeing how much I was writing. Sure, I could check my word count, but that wasn’t really putting it in the proper perspective for me.

So I wanted to pick up from where I fell down miserably sometime in mid-November (approximately 7,000 words). I’ve already espoused the virtues of Google Drive and writing with your smart phone. Now while I’m currently having some issues with writing on my smart phone, it’s still beats the hell out of writing in a notebook and transcribing later.

I wanted something more concrete for me, a definite means of seeing exactly where I was and how much further I have to go. So I created a spreadsheet to do just that. This is my actual spreadsheet, titled Goals. Feel free to look it over and if you think it might be of use to you, copy it for yourself.


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