Z-Flash #4 #amreading #free #horror

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Name Unknown, Location Unknown—2004

(taken from the journal of a hospital employee)

There’s a ton of dead bodies in here.  I don’t know why, but a doctor slapped a clipboard in my hand and told me to take a head count.  Everybody’s running around.  A lot of people are hurt.  A whole lot more are dead.

There wasn’t enough room for me to stand out in the hall to count the bodies they were bringing in so somebody else shoved me into this meat locker to count from inside.  I think a plane crashed into a bus or something.  People were saying stuff all at once, but I’m only catching bits or pieces.  There was somebody else in here doing something, but as soon as she saw me she must have thought I was her replacement and left.

Damn.  50.  And from the sounds coming from the hallway the day is still young.

There’s some kind of ante-room in here with a whole lot more bodies in it.  I started counting over.  I stopped when I got to 16.  There’s this girl (I guess a girl, her body looks really young), except… she doesn’t have a head.  At first I’m staring at this headless body, but then it hits me that I’m staring at a girl who couldn’t have been 18 even and I feel all pervy.  That doesn’t even make sense to me because what kind of dude gets his rocks off by staring at decapatated (however you spell it) bodies of prepubescent (?) girls?

I heard the doors slap open twice out there.  It’s starting to feel crowd—

Oh shit.  I swear to God this girl’s body just moved.  My sides hurt I laughed so hard.  My mind is gonna play tricks on me if I don’t get outta here soon!  Maybe I need to step out for some air because her arm just completely fell off this gurney thing and it’s just dangling now.  I ain’t touching it.  The doors just slapped open again.

OK, I know this sounds… reads (whatever) nuts, but for real the girl did just move.  I was picking up my pen off the floor and her arm sorta… twitched.  I’m no doctor, but it’s probably like signals from the brain or something, right?  Wait, she doesn’t have a head.  OK, how the hell does that happen?

All right I just stepped out in the hall and tried to flag down a doctor to come take a look.  The only person who even remotely looked like a doc was this Pakistani guy, except he was crying and screaming in Pakistani and he wasn’t moving from that spot.  I grabbed an EMT and he about slugged me when I touched him.  I thought he was coming when I told him what I saw but when I rushed back in here he wasn’t behind me.

The girl is really moving around now and it’s getting more than a little creepy.  Her arms are shaking and she keeps making fists and then shaking again.  At first I thought it was like a seizure or something, but I think she’s in pain.  I mean, I broke my toe once when I was a kid and it hurt really bad, right?  But I knew I couldn’t just reach down and grab it ‘cause it would hurt worse.  So I just stood there, hopping around on one foot and waving my hands around until my dad got me to the hospital.  Almost like she’s waving her arms around.

How bad does it hurt to get your head cut off?

I got the guts to take a step closer to look at the wound.  I mean, I assumed her head was cut off, but I didn’t really look-look.  I don’t know how to describe it—it looks like a ‘clean’ cut for the most part, except at the back where I can see part of her spine and a fist-sized piece of meat (ugh!) hanging off it.

Dammit!  She grabbed me.  I don’t know if she felt me or what, but she reached out and grabbed my arm.  I barely shook her off, she was strong.  The doors just banged open again and I think I’m outtie.  I mean, I need the money and all and I’m sorry, but this is just a temp job.

There’s another gurney just in front of the doors with something about the size of a bowling ball under a sheet.  I don’t know if it’s just my eyes or what, but I saw it move.  My bad for not picking up the girl from the floor, but I ain’t waiting around for all these other bodies to start skipping around.

We did an extensive search for plane crashes in the year 2004, but could find none that had crashed into any buses.  There were three fatal bus crashes reported in that year, but one was a bus carrying only senior citizens and the other had only one death.  The third was a passenger bus passing through Virginia at the time of the crash. We received no responses to several Freedom of Information Act requests and a PR representative who wished to remain nameless declined to comment.

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