Z-Flash #3 #amreading #free

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Flint, MI – June 23, 2010

An earthquake in central Canada was felt across the border in states such as New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan.  In Flint, a city approximately sixty miles northwest of Detroit, the seismic activity was also felt when a two mile stretch of land cracked open.

 “We were on our way to the bowling alley when it happened,” Jim Butcher, a resident of Mt. Morris stated.  “Everything just shook and we just stopped right where we was and just looked at it.”

 The ‘it’ Jim referred to was the two mile stretch of land that had just cracked open.  The devastation churned up earth and street alike, including a large section or Corunna Road and cutting through Glennak Cemetery which is located there.

 “A man climbed out,” 87 year old Betty Harvest stated.  “He was covered head to foot in dirt.  I don’t know, but he seemed upset.”

 Even though Chief of Police Montalvo Keye has stated there were no reported injuries or deaths as a result of the natural disaster, the unidentified disheveled man had been seen by several people.

 “Yeah, Dirty Man was in there,” a resident who wished to remain anonymous stated, referring to an abandoned home on Asylum Street, just north of Court.  “We came home one night and saw him going in.  A couple kids already went missing that week so my husband called the police.  But nobody ever came, so a group of guys got together and went in.  My husband said he was in there and tried to bite him.  They beat on him, but they left after my husband fainted.  At the hospital, nobody would tell us anything.  That was a month ago.  Now the doctors won’t even return my phone calls.  And the police still never came to take a statement.”

 “Dirty Man killed my best friend,” Ron Johnson, a teenager out of Grand Blanc stated.  “We were urbexing one of the old GM plants over on Van Slyke.  It wasn’t even real in there.  Maybe the plant had been closed a few months.  We were about to leave when we saw him.  He looked sick—I mean like dying.  Bones and stuff were hanging out of his face.  The back of his suit was split up the middle in the back.  Weird.  But my friend wanted to call 911 for him before we broke out.  That was when he grabbed me.  He was real strong.  If you look at my wrist you can see the scar from when he broke it.  Compound fracture.  Pete got him off, but then I couldn’t help him.  Dirty Man started biting him… and then he started eating him.  It was all I could do just to run away.”

 The last sighting of ‘Dirty Man’ was verified on August 3, 2010.  Glenn Beckitt was driving west on Miller Road, a main street through Flint when he struck a man he described as disheveled and filthy.  EMS was quick to respond after he called 911 and the man bit off the finger of one paramedic before being subdued.

 “They didn’t know what they was doing,” Pat Logue stated.  “I mean, I been to the hospital before.  I OD’d twice and I struggled both times.  You don’t punch the patient.  That’s how he got his finger bit off, he hit him.  That’s what he get.”

 All three local hospitals had no reports of anyone fitting ‘Dirty Man’s’ description being admitted or of an injured EMS worker.

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