Trill Blood #review

For starters, there are many errors. Missing punctuation, wrong punctuation, the total lack of indentation. I choose to believe this was rushed rather than the author not knowing better. But setting grammatical errors aside, this reads like something you might have read before by a Laurell K Hamilton or a LA Banks. That should be a good thing but this comes off as repetitive. Again, I choose to believe this is the author wanting to write something and publish quickly. But there are things that need to be addressed. And maybe with an expanded story things would be more illuminated. Like why Joseph calls Jill half breed when they have the same parents. Or why their father doesn’t look angry but looks ready for war. And what exactly is ‘trill blood’? It was a nice twist at the end but there’s a lot to slug through to get to it.

Read more by Aija Butler.


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