Cover Reveal

 The Best Night of the Year


A few years ago I wrote a couple short stories for an anthology. One was accepted, one wasn’t (though the editors said they liked both). After I had the rights returned, I decided to put them into an eBook. I originally wanted a pumpkiny-Halloweenish thingy, but what you see above is what I came up with. I hate it and I’m certain the cover is the reason people have avoided it in droves.

Well, now I have an actual-factual cover. Stop by this Friday at midnight and you’ll get a peak at it before it goes live on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. I’ll also  be putting in a couple things from upcoming works, including an extended excerpt of Jay Rauld’s upcoming Axe to the Face. If you haven’t seen that cover, just scroll down to the bottom. But this is about me! Just stop by, take a look. No pressure. But if you do decide you want to buy it, here’s the links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords.


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