#Riddick #Review

The third installment of The Chronicles of Riddick
starts off with a bang. We find him already stranded on an unknown planet, left for dead. He’s severely injured and immediately has to battle for his life.
Through a flashback, we find out what went wrong on the necromonger ship (if you want even more of the backstory you can read the online comic), but in true Furyan fashion, his powers of recuperation have him up and running in short order.
But this new planet has treacherous lifeforms ready to kill at a moment’s notice. The leopard dogs and water-dwelling creatures that have a very crafty attack prove to be all a severely injured Riddick can handle, but he adapts and eventually finds some sort of a bounty hunters’ PlayStation where he alerts mercs that he is alive  and waiting.
Two crews show up in short order. One is intent on bringing Riddick back dead, the other has a more clandestine agenda. There is a minor twist that plays out through the rest of the movie and by the end you’re mot really sure which way it plays out.
There are some pretty cool kills like a merc who’s killed by a couple predator-restraints and Riddick displays a fair amount of bravado. But if you liked the other two movies, particularly Pitch Black, you’ll like this one. There’s a storm coming and when it finally arrives, the entire environment changes.
I’d give this movie 3 out of five stars. There’s something cutesy that happens early on, but they keep it to a minimum and it actually plays into the story. The ending leaves room for another installment which I’d definitely be in line for.


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