#EvilDead 2013 Review

I have to confess it’s been many years since I saw the original Evil Dead
movie, but I did remember the storyline in large part. The 2013 iteration follows a group of four people who have gathered to support a friend battling to kick a nasty drug addiction.
I like how they took only a boiled down version of the original. I’m not sure if any of the names are the same but the idea in your head of the person you think will survive will be shaken up by story’s end. Truly, they have taken a story you know and made it their own.
And the movie doesn’t rely on CGI. In fact, if it is used at all, it’s subtle and noticeable and hearkens back to the Raimi original. There is a lot of gore, including a scene where a character has about a gallon of blood vomited into her mouth, but it’s not done in a way that seems like it’s trying to top its predecessor.
And the story works well into the horror. It makes sense why the people don’t want to leave until it’s too late and it makes sense why they all came there to begin with.
Per usual, there are things that happen that don’t make sense and characters who behave contrary to logic, but a little if that is to be expected. None of the negatives ever overpower the film including what one of the main characters does near the end.
This film puts me in mind of the Fright Night remake where they inject a lot of common sense into the actions of the characters. Nobody does anything because it would be convenient to the story; they have actual motivations that propel the story.
I highly recommend this movie to fans of the original. It didn’t need to be a remake; it could have stood as its own movie but it wouldn’t have gotten near the attention it deserves.

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