The Impossible #Review

I admit, The Impossible was a movie I’d picked up for my wife. I didn’t expect to like it. I figured the first few minutes would be compelling, like in Hereafter
(which was a good movie) but that the tone would take a 90 degree turn after. And it did, but that was a great thing.
The first half of the movie had Naomi Watts’ character and her son fighting against the tide to not only survive, but reunite with each other. Once the water recedes, we see they the extent of the damage and are left to wonder how anyone could have survived. But the story is focused on the family of five and we see the mother’s mangled leg. That’s all the foreshadowing we need to know something bad is going to happen.
Until this point we are left to believe her husband and two younger sons are dead. Minor spoiler, but they aren’t. After she and her son make it to relative safety, the story jumps to Ewan McGregor’s character as he searches for his wife and son. I don’t want to give away the whole thing, but when McGregor finally gets a cell phone and is able to call home–the way he loses it really gets to you.
The drama definitely doesn’t end after the tsunami is over. The one drawback is the extreme coincidence that happens at the end. It’s a little on the heavy-handed side and strikes as disingenuous. But other than that, it’s a great family film if the kiddies can take a minor scare or two.

Check out this 10 minute preview of The Impossible


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