The Five Best Kills on @Sho_Dexter

You’re probably missing Dexter this week as the show rounds to a close. I wanted to take this break to recount the five best kills (imho) during the show’s run. These are in no particular order.

The Brain Surgeon
1. The Brain Surgeon – Just when you thought the show’s shock factor had worn off, they throw this guy in the mix. Someone who chops out pieces of brain from his victims after they’re dead. Now that we finally know who he is and the new allegiances being formed, we’re left to ponder how this all will end.
James Gellar
2. Professor James Gellar – All throughout season 6 we see the mad genius that is Professor Gellar. A man who seeks something beyond the death of his victims. He and his acolyte put the whole city in fear until it is revealed it wasn’t Gellar at all, that Travis was acting all alone. Seeing his body in that freezer was certainly a surprise and definitely put our favorite serial killer on his heels.
James Doakes
3. Sgt. James Doakes – After discovering Dexter’s secret and putting him in an untenable situation, it was interesting to see Dexter try to work a way around the code. I would have preferred for that situation to be resolved rather than Lyla stepping in (the wrapping up of that particular storyline was too convenient to me), but watching the sargent getting blown up was a definite surprise.
4. Rita – Okay, so the timeline may or may not be problematic, but Arthur Mitchell’s parting ‘gift’ to Dexter was completely unexpected. If ever there were people I considered ‘safe’ on this show, Rita had to have been on top of that list. She existed as a foil for Dexter, a means of preventing him from reaching (killing) goals.
Wayne Randall
5. Wayne Randall – What can I say? The guy got ran over by a truck. I thought Dexter was going to kill him to relieve some pressure.

See you in front of the TV next Sunday night at 9:00 for the next episode, Goodbye Miami. I don’t know anything can be interpreted from it, but Detective Quinn is listed in the credits as a sargent. I’ll be updating my predictions for the finale this week, so make sure to check back in a few days. If you need a little more horror in your life, why not check out a few of my books?


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