The Weirdest Review Ever on @Kindle

for 30 Minute Plan: “Kindle fan” writes,

I didn`t enjoyed reading 30 minute plan because I don`t like zombie tales, but I think this is a good one.

The plot of this story is pretty basic, but I`m not a zombie-tales-reader.

Gerald Rice is a good writer. I recommend it if you like zombie tales.

Okay, a lukewarm review, right? After reading that review I would guess the reviewer gave it 2, maybe 3 stars. It’s a 4 star review. 4 star means you liked it, right?

And onto another mind-bending review, I picked up Michael Robertson’s Rough Draft and was poking around, looking at some of his other stuff and saw a review for Daycare.

This was the wierdest zombie book I have read in a while,and believe me there are some crazy ones! However,I actually kind of liked it…very unique and original. Get it when it’s free!

This was a 2 star review. So the person liked it, thought it was ‘very unique and original’ but 2 stars? I chalk this one up to the reviewer just wanting to get attention for the review.
Don’t get me wrong, I love reviews. I prefer positive, but so long as it’s a fair and honest review, I’ll take a negative one too. But I’ve gotten lowly rated reviews that are mostly positive when you read them. They’re as frustrating as they are confusing.


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