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I actually wrote this story a few years ago and it didn’t get accepted into whatever anthology I was writing it for. I even tried adapting it into a teleplay for a local director who was trying to create a new horror series. I think it’s a solid story and very different from what I typically write. Below is an excerpt and you can read the whole story in its entirety at http://www.horrorsnippets.blogspot.com.

The Ends of a Sentence

Jon sat down at the kitchen table, finally ready to kill his wife. It had taken him two years to work up to this point, which on the surface seemed a long time, but he’d been married to her over forty years and had had nothing but time to study her the last fifteen since he’d retired. In perspective, two years was hardly anything at all.
But during that short spell of time he’d been able to formulate exactly why it was he wanted her dead. It wasn’t that she’d had the affair. Martha had never told him, but he’d known her well enough to figure it out for himself. He’d seen the signs. Jon had had his own affair or two. It wasn’t that he suspected the boys weren’t his. They’d turned away from him even before leaving the house.
It was that now, after all these years, she was going to leave him.
Martha set his glass next to his bowl. If she had her way, it would be the last time she’d ever do that.
“Do you know how much I love you?” he said to her.
She turned and stared at him quizzically.
“Well, of course I know you love me,” she said.
“No. I said do you know how much I love you.”
She leaned against the sink and folded her arms, fixing him with a stare.
“No,” she said coolly, a slight smile playing across her face. “How much?”
“So much that you are as much a part of me as me. I know you, Martha. I know everything you’ll do.”

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