#Dexter Season 8 @SHO_Network SHO_Dexter‎ Finale Prediction

Dexter Season 8
So I think I need to start over from scratch with my prediction. With a couple unexpected things happening, how I think things will end needs to be… recalculated. Most notably, the death of Laguerta and the subsequent effect on Deb. But also, the introduction of this Dr who has played a part and Dexter becoming who he is.
Obviously, this is going to play a part in how the show wraps up. The doctor is focused a lot on Dexter’s emotional makeup and sees that he seems to care about things beyond himself, even as she doesn’t believe it isn’t for selfish reasons.
Another thing is for certain: the doctor is going to die.
But now that Quinn is being reintroduced as a love interest for Debra, that throws another kink in the works, especially when you consider she just confessed to killing their old captain.
He doesn’t believe her now, but that doesn’t mean he won’t later. But what will he do with this information? I don’t think he will turn her in, Quinn is very loyal even to the point of committing crimes to prove that loyalty as evidenced last season. But does that mean an exemption for Dexter? When he comes to believe her, Quinn will ask why. And Debra will answer.
So here’s my revised prediction: Deborah’s selfless act must be matched by Dexter. The only way for him to do this–to heal her–is for him to allow Deborah to kill him. Look for Quinn and Batista’s sister to break up, but for her to still be bitter about it. But at some point the nasty end of that relationship will come into play and Dexter will try to kill Quinn. Remember, this isn’t some newly introduced character–this is Battista’s sister and Dexter’s babysitter; the fact this relationship even exists foreshadows something significant is going to happen. It will amount to Debra choosing between past and future, old love versus reborn love, Dexter or Quinn. She will be forced to kill one of the two men and Dexter will somehow allow this. I think that means he won’t wind up on the table but maybe another storage container, the place where he always says he was born. It will also be the place he dies.
But how does this season’s killer factor in? I’m not sure yet, but I’m not entirely convinced it isn’t the doctor herself.

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