Beneath the Surface


I was at the Bloomfield Twp Library yesterday, talking about being a horror author. It was a great turnout and I had a lot of fun. I didn’t want to have a completely written out speech, so I only made a few notes of things to touch on. Here’s the intro I wrote:

“Damn you. Damn you all.” If I were a villain that might be what I’d say to you.  If I were a mad scientist I’d probably just cackle maniacally and monologue poetically how your feeble minds couldn’t comprehend my genius. If I were a werewolf I’d probably howl, and if I were a zombie I’d probably just stare wide-eyed until I’d shuffled close enough to one of you to pluck out your delicious brain and snack on it. I’m not sure what I’d do if I were a vampire because they just seem so confused nowadays.

So, instead, I simply say ‘Good evening’.

But in this day and age where we view even our friends and neighbors with eyes-wide-open suspicion, I imagine your first question is, “Who is he and what does he know?” or “Who is he and what does he know?”

Well, I know a lot of stuff. And only 80% of it is made up.

I began this strange and winding path down Horror Lane when I was about five. It was probably even earlier than that, but my clearest memory is getting out of kindergarten class, hopping in my mother’s car and going to see the movie Creepshow. There was a lot of screaming and eye-covering, but my mother saw at least 3/4s of the movie. But after horror movies, there were horror books—I got a book of ghost stories when I was in fifth grade and Eyes of the Dragon when I was in seventh. I read so many stories, eventually wishing characters would do certain things they never did or things to occur that never happened, until I decided to start writing my own stories.
I wrote a lot with my best friend in high school, but we didn’t have the means to get our comic book stories in front of Marvel or Image (DC wasn’t really cool at the time) and eventually gave up writing to become ‘realistic’ about what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

I went over my writing history, including my first rejection and read Horror Snippets #2 before asking the attendees what things they write.
Just before we ended, Kerrie, the lady from the library, told me they’d ordered both of my print books. After we’d wrapped I went straight upstairs to find my book and that is the picture upstairs.


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