#MonstersUniversity Review

I saw this over the weekend with my wife and daughter. While it wasn’t as touching as the original (really, how could it be?) there was a great storyline that answered just about all the questions a person may have had.
It centers more on Mike (Billy Crystal’s character) with a big helping of Sully (John Goodman) and how he began to fulfill his lifelong dream of bring a scarer.

What I love about typical Pixar movies is they are also geared toward adults.  And any adult who has spent a significant amount of time on a college campus will get some of the subtle humor that will fly clearly over the little ones’ heads. I don’t want to give ANY spoilers so I will keep the tidbits floating through my mind to myself.

But needless to say, Mike and Sully don’t immediately get along. Mike is singularly-minded and Sully relies on natural ability alone. When the two are forced to work together things don’t go well and things go from bad to worse. But along the way, they make unlikely friends with some other monsters.

The only drawback for me was I would have liked a little more to go on for Randy’s (Steve Buscemi) back story. I thought it was funny that he was a likeable, nice guy at first, but his transformation should have been a little more prevalent given his arc in Monsters, Inc.

But if you loved the original, you’ll love this. Highly recommended.


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