#Writing with Your #Smartphone

Someone asked me how to do this recently and I figured this is the perfect opportunity to share with everyone. Smartphones have become huge conveniences in our daily lives from navigation, banking, reading our favorite websites, to watching television. And there’s no reason writers can’t use it too.
If you have a Droid like I do (sorry, don’t know a whole lot about the iPhone) you can write and maintain several stories at once. Using the Quickoffice app on your phone or Google Drive you can taking your writing on the go. I prefer the Drive route for reasons I’ve gone into before and if you don’t have Quickoffice or would just prefer Drive, here’s what you do:


Go to your app store and type in Google Drive. Even if you can’t download the app you can use it through the internet. Once you have the app installed you’ll need to set up an account or link your existing account. The app will look like this:


Why I like Drive is the versatility it provides. I can write on my phone, my Kindle, or any laptop or PC with an internet connection and my changes are made as I write.
Once you have the app open, it’s pretty self-explanatory from there. You can create files and folders and even import files from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (although editing them is tricky).


But let’s move on to the actual writing portion. You can use your keyboard, obviously, but your smartphone should have a dictation feature. Once you are in your file simply begin talking after you  turn this feature on.


Now it’s not perfect. And the older your smartphone or the more background noise or the weaker your battery the less accurate it’ll be. And like all things internet, it’s going to crash from time-to-time. But the auto save feature should keep your losses to a minimum. Unlike Quickoffice which could crash at any moment without warning and you lose everything after your last save. I’ve lost hundreds of words from stories and stopping to save every 50 or so words was a hindrance to the writing process.
I’m going to migrate everything I’m working on to Drive at some point and arrange folders the same as on my flash drive. But that’s enough to get you started!

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