Who Should be the First Person to Buy Your Book?

That’s the question every author should have an answer to and so should you: it’s you. As soon as your book becomes available you should purchase a copy for a couple reasons. One, because it’s a sale. Not that this should be a business model because being your only customer is a losing proposition. Every sale adds to sales rank and you buying your own eBook gets it off the ground. Books that haven’t had a sale have no rank and thus, are invisible.
But what do people do after they read books they like? They talk about them. In this age, talking also means blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, and any other form of social media, but if you aren’t talking about your book in person you are leaving viable sales potential to fall by the wayside.
People like talking to authors. Even if you don’t write in their genre, being an author still has a mystique to it that people resonate with. Why not use that to talk about your book?
Don’t be obnoxious about it, though. But if you see someone with a book or an ereader ask them what they are reading. This is a good way to start a conversation (but by no means the only one). Writers are naturally introverts and we need to find ways to be a little less humble and a little more conversational about what we’ve written. I got into a conversation with a cashier at a pet food store after seeing she was reading a romance novel. I told her about my first book, The Ghost Toucher, and she said she’d like to buy a copy. I have no idea if she did, but the lady who cut my hair once did. Barbers are always engaging people in conversation and after I told her what I do she asked if I had any copies with me for sale. I just so happened to have a few in my trunk and made a sale right then. That couldn’t have happened if I wasn’t willing to talk about my book!
But what does this have to do with being the first customer, you ask? First customer is more than just the first person to plunk down coin to buy. First customer is a risk-taker, someone who bought without the foreknowledge others will have. It’s a mentality. You have to be the ambassador who brings that book to the world as both author and reader, to be the reason others should follow behind you and buy as well. You have to have the confidence to talk that book up and talk yourself up at the same time.

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