Why I’m Moving to #GoogleDrive

When you write all the time, you need to be able to write all the time. 5 years ago it was my Neo, 2 years ago it was my flash drive. Over the last couple months I’ve been experimenting with dictating directly into my phone using the Quickoffice app.
Using this app allowed me to write everywhere without carrying a semi-bulky piece of equipment around or having to wait until I was at a PC before I could write. Okay, a Neo really isn’t bulky- it’s only about 3 pounds. But in this day and age where everything is smaller and faster, anything that doesn’t fit in the palm of your hand that is meant to be on the go is big.
I recently got back into Google Docs which has been rebranded as Google Drive. I used it on a collaborative project that fell through two years ago where I can create a doc on any computer with an internet connection and be able to edit and add to it from anywhere. The programmers were smart by making it as close to MS Word as legally possible so anyone who uses it will instantly be familiar with the format. Now that I have a Kindle and a smartphone, I can use both with Drive as well. My Droid has a specific app and I can use the internet with my Kindle. A truly great feature to Drive is the auto-save feature which updates continually. The drawback to Quickoffice was the app tended to crash unexpectedly (especially when I hadn’t saved in 3 or more paragraphs) and that I could only edit that document on my phone unless I emailed it to myself.
With Drive I can use my phone, Kindle, and PC, which is great because detailed editing just isn’t convenient on my phone. I don’t have to worry about overlapping versions of one document. I even had my phone and my Kindle the other night, working on a doc and what I typed on one, updated to the other.
I’ve downloaded Drive for my phone and PC, but as of yet I have not seen the app for Kindle. There are some editing shortcomings with Kindle, like the inability to bold or italicize text, but hopefully that gets figured out soon (or at least get put in a more conspicuous place).

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