Writer looking for job or opportunity #CraigsList #amwriting

I write from a very existential point of view, on modern day topics, with a vast education and knoweldge in many things, but mostly wisdom.  I have been told I write very well even though I have been out of service for a while after dropping out of university.  I have studied psychology and philosophy and have a great deal of life experience to add to my writers personality.  I am looking for any writing gig just to get my opinion out there, for something to do, to help artists or progressive individuals in their causes and or businesses… I am unemployed and live a boring life, and writing is my passion, and all that satisfies me. I Need this, somebody, please.  Help me.

I don’t want to embarrass this person, but this post wreaks of desperation.  I almost want to reach out to him, to see what he (I’m assuming he) is really trying to do.  If I’m looking for a writer to do something for me, I’m not looking to ‘help’, I’m looking for help.  If you want to put yourself out there on CL or any other website, keep the desperation at a low simmer.  Instead, use your text to showcase your skills.  Tell the world what you’re capable of and not just that you have a passion.  Someone telling you you write well isn’t good enough.  Who is that person and what are his/her qualifications?  Reference something you’ve written that I can judge for myself.  If you have a book on Amazon that pertains to what you propose to do for me, put up a link to it where I can read reviews or maybe purchase and read myself.

I’ve been in this position before, but thankfully before Craig’s List so I couldn’t put up this sort of post.  If this person has that great of a passion he should pour his effort into putting something out for publication and showing the world his passion.  He should be his own boss and publish his own story or if he needs the validation, send that book off to a publisher that takes unagented submissions.  I wish him the best of luck.

I’m working on a new location, this time outside of the SE Michigan area.  I don’t want to reveal anything yet because a lot of libraries are a little gunshy, but we’ll see.  More soon.  In the meantime, if you haven’t joined the FB page for How to Publish on Kindle, Smashwords, & Nook the Easy Way! please like it here.


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