#TheWalkingDead Brothers in Arms

As you may remember in some of my prior posts, I made 2 predictions: that Merle would save Rick and Darryl would kill him. I was right on both accounts- well, kinda.
Ever since the meet with the Governor, Rick has been looking for someone to give him reason not to turn Michonne over. Hershel couldn’t do it, but who finally did? Merle. He saved Rick from descending to depths he’d already been. And perhaps even Merle didn’t know he couldn’t turn her over, but it was something a person like him would do.
Want another parallel? What happened in the second to last episode last season? That’s right, Shane died. But what’s that, you say? Shane was one of the good guys? No, Shane had lost his way. Shane was the gangrenous limb that needed to be cut out. He chose to cut himself out, rather than fester and cause more division. Just like Merle. And both men did it after a nod at redemption from a woman.
And who killed Merle? Well, the Governor, but Zombie Merle was finished off by Darryl. Close enough. And close enough to Rick killing his ‘brother’ Shane.
I’ll share my season finale picks in my next post, but one thing: don’t expect Glenn and Maggie to enjoy any nuptials anytime soon. There are shades of Darabont afoot (just watch The Mist to get an idea of what I mean) and on the verge of war, everyone is fair game.


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