Jack Daniels #amreading

I’ve been devouring JA Konrath’s ‘Jack Daniels’ series on audio since January.  Currently, I’m on Shaken and it’s just as good as all the rest.  At first I was a little off-put by the two-person narration provided by Susie Breck and Dick Hill (I’d listened to Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead and the cast of voices left my head spinning), but the style quickly grew on me, particularly Hill’s ability to do three voices distinct enough from each other that you know who each character is.

But now I’m coming to a problem.  I’m currently listening to Shaken and I’m on disc 5 of 6.  I moved up the next one, Shot of Tequila, to be next, but someone else has it.  Not only is it checked out, but it isn’t even due to be returned until April 20th.  And Stirred, the collaboration between Konrath and Crouch, isn’t due back until May.

I just may have to listen to something else.

I don’t want to listen to anything else.  I’d started the Dexter series around the same time and it quickly petered out after the disappointing Dexter in the Dark.


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