RE: Writers Needed (Another Rip-off)

Are you looking for more experience as a writer? Look no further! Our publishing company is hiring writers! Must have excellent command of the English language. Compensation is $0.008 per word. You should be able to generate at least 2,500-4,000 words per day. Payments are made through PayPal once content is satisfactory. Looking for motivated self-starters who can research and write well on various topics. We also write a lot of product reviews. Reply with a sample article or product review that you have written.

Why would any writer waste his or her time with this?  If you’ve read any of my blogs on these topics before, this one is obvious.  $0.008 per word?  Are you kidding me?  I charge more to edit than that and they’re looking for original content that they more than likely want to own exclusively.  They also pay ‘once content is satisfactory’ to ‘motivated self-starters’.  What a rip-off.  Satisfactory content is in the eye of the beholder and while I would never pay for crap if I were in the market to buy content, there’s a better way than this.  First off, if they actually paid something worthwhile, they would attract better writers.  But a desperate, unpublished writer will probably leap at this opportunity only to be sorely disappointed later.


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