Faceoff – #TheWalkingDead

Some interesting developments in tonight’s episode.  How many times did you think the very thing that couldn’t have happened?  That either Rick or the Governor would shoot the other person.  There’s much too much that needs to happen before either man kills the other, but that eventuality shouldn’t have come as a surprise for a show that’s known for surprises.  I do have to revise what I think is going to happen: the Governor is going to be killed by a woman, but the question is who?

  • Maggie- sexually assaulted by him, still seems to be in shock somewhat.
  • Michonne- the favorite as she probably would make it hurt the worst.
  • Andrea- she has the best chance considering she’s the only one who has any kind of window of opportunity that doesn’t involve a preceding hail of bullets.

If there’s justice, it’ll be Maggie.  Michonne already got his eye and Andrea, although she’s seeing things a lot more clearly, needs to come off as wishy-washy still for the sake of the show.  I think the war will happen, the crew that Rick kicked out the prison will be involved, and two to three core cast members will die.  Maybe Hershel because he’s living on borrowed time anyway, right?  Or Carol, I mean, now that she won’t be midwifing for anyone, what’s her purpose?  We already had someone without survival skills get on a learning curve and that was Andrea.  And if she dies, that leaves Darryl someone else to pine after and further drives a wedge between him and Merle (if Merle survives, that is–which he won’t).

But don’t be surprised if the Governor is still alive come the season finale.  He may yet have more harm to do.


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